Joel R Bishow, Architect

The Team

A true testimonial to a job well done is our long standing relationships with our valued Clients.


The Package

My team of Professional Engineers and Consultants work together and coordinate the Construction Documents package. Times have changed. The days where you could rely on a subcontractor to design your plumbing and air conditioning systems have passed especially when the saving of Energy and Natural Resources are critical. Structural design must also meet earthquake and wind parameters specific to the site location.

  • Programming & Proof of Concept Design
  • Zoning & Entitlements (Planned Development, Conditional Use Permit, Variance)
  • Design Development
  • Preliminary Bidding / Opinion of Probable Cost of Construction
  • Construction Documents Package (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Plumbing)
  • Civil Engineering Package (Grading and On and Off Site Capital Improvements)
  • Bidding Procedures and Contract Administration
  • Construction Observation and Commissioning
  • Possible other requirements...
  •    * Landscape & Irrigation Design
  •    * ADA - Accessibility Design